Survivor Stories

Magdalene: Equipping Girls to Shine

My ultimate dream is to open a safe home for girls who have been rescued from prostitution, are at risk of being sexually abused, and have no one to fight for them. This home will be filled with hope, faith, and love for dreams to be restored so that they are able to go to school, just as I have.

Maryanne: From Survivor to Child Protection Advocate

Maryanne’s story is one of courage, resilience, and hope. As Freely in Hope’s Child Protection Program Coordinator, Maryanne leads sexual abuse prevention programs across Kenya. She equips children, parents, teachers, and organizational leaders with lifesaving knowledge about consent, body safety, and reporting abuse. As she is creating awareness about sexual violence, her dream is to build an art center for children!

Mental Healing, a photo series

I was that sad girl because of the rape and trauma that had impacted me. I felt so hopeless. I even altered my name to pretend to be someone else. I had lost trust in everyone and thought that they were going to harm me just like the perpetrator did, I knew him well too.

Freely In Hope

Linet: Disabilities Are Not Inabilities

Children with special needs are also vulnerable to sexual abuse, and I see high incidences of sexual abuse cases among my students. As a teacher, I use the knowledge Freely in Hope has given me to advocate for children with unique abilities.

Freely In Hope

Jean: Empowering Others to Dream

I want to ensure that the system adjusts to meet the needs of disadvantaged women in the community, and until we see change, we can empower these women to be the ones who will take a stand within their spheres of influence.

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