The Advocates Society is for those who choose to stand with survivors.

Advocates help by doing what they can with what they have, where they are today. By joining Advocate Society, you become an advocate for the work of Freely in Hope by giving your support in a way that reflects your individuality.

What Advocates Have Accomplished

Freely In Hope

Scott Lynn

Scott told his friends that he would shave his head if his birthday campaign exceeded his goal! Well, it did!

Freely In Hope

Mercy High School

The students from Mercy High School collected change for V-Day and raised $1,129.87 for Freely in Hope!
Freely In Hope

Kristen Tam

Kristen and her friends host a 5K run for boba tea! Rain or shine, Kristen’s friends come together to raise support for Freely in Hope!

What does an Advocate look like?

Advocates are passionate about social justice for survivors of sexual violence. Our sense of purpose spurs us into action.

Our imagination has the power to restore systems of injustice. In creatively thinking of solutions, anything is possible.

We dedicate our time and resources to support what we believe in. Partner with Freely in Hope scholars, who are dedicated in their mission to educate and empower other girls.


Donate your Birthday

Is your birthday coming up? Instead of asking for gifts, ask your family and friends to help support your Birthday Fundraiser.

Freely In Hope
Freely In Hope

Host an Event!

Throw a concert, organize a lecture series, or host a holiday celebration for Freely in Hope!

Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list? A personal goal that’s been on your heart? If you’ve always wanted to climb Mount Kenya or run a marathon, now’s the time!

Freely In Hope
Freely In Hope

Launch a FAcebook campaign

Get social and ask your friends to help prevent sexual violence. Start your campaign on Facebook today!

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