100% of your monthly donation will fund education for survivors of sexual violence.

The Hope Circle is an unshakable community of monthly givers that believe in our audacious vision of ending sexual violence.

People like you, from around the world, giving what they can to stand together and provide a circle of support for survivors of sexual violence.

Hope Circle Members understand that healing trauma from sexual violence requires a holistic approach and ample support systems.

Donations from Hope Circle literally encircle each scholar within Freely in Hope’s scholarship program — providing them with what they need to not just survive, but to thrive. 

Freely In Hope


Our community of belonging is a safe space where we have a shared vision of ending sexual violence.


We work with our legal partners to pursue justice for our scholars.


We fund medical insurance for our scholars so they can thrive.
Freely In Hope

Safe Housing

We place our scholars in safer living environments if they live in close proximity to the abuser.


We fund high school and university scholarships to provide our scholars access to professional careers.


We provide trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for scholars to support their journey towards healing.


We provide trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for scholars to support their journey towards healing.

It’s about healing and transformation.

Imagine that you’re a part of a global community encircling each and every scholar in Freely in Hope’s program. Through your support, they are given opportunities to thrive in their education and leadership journey. These aren’t passive monthly donations. Hope Circle members are connected, invested, and eager to support Freely in Hope scholars with the tools they need to thrive.

Hopeful News is a monthly impact report that we send via email to update you on our progress and remind you just how much your contribution matters. We hope it brightens your whole month as you remember the huge impact you’re making in the lives of our scholars.

Freely In Hope

You belong here.

This incredible community is composed of generous, passionate, and determined people—like you—from all over the world. By giving what they can, they are choosing to advocate against sexual violence.
Freely In Hope
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I joined Hope Circle because I am passionate about the individual stories of Freely in Hope’s Scholars. The direct connection with the girls makes me feel like my contributions are making a direct impact on these young female leaders.

San Francisco

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I am passionate about supporting Freely in Hope because they honor the humanity of each person they help with strong data to drive actionable change.


Freely In Hope
Freely In Hope
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We have a choice to partner with God in the work of bringing wholeness and beauty to places that are broken. For this reason, I support Freely in Hope’s mission of ending sexual violence in Kenya and Zambia.


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The restoring work Freely in Hope achieves is beautiful and necessary in a world that is broken. We are privileged to be a part of their mission to end sexual violence.


Freely In Hope

Freely in Hope provides educational opportunities for young women affected by sexual violence.

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