Sexual Assault Awareness Tips: Healing as a Survivor

What Can I Do To Find Healing?

When people find out that I’m a survivor, many ask me this question: As a survivor, what can I do to find healing?

1. Admit the fact that it has happened.

2. Understand that it is not your fault.

2. Seek medical attention and justice.

3. See a counselor.

4. Reach out to someone you trust.

5. Join a support group for sexual violence survivors.

6. Pay attention to the changes in your body caused by triggers.

7. Learn to forgive—though difficult, it will give your heart and mind peace.

8. Speak out about it.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to admit that you have been raped or sexually assaulted. Culture has stigmatized survivors to make them feel dirty, ashamed, weak, and guilty. Survivors may also be afraid of how people will react when they hear that you have been sexually assaulted—afraid of being judged, ostracized, or excluded. It may seem easier to keep it a secret—but when you stay silent, you deny help and reinforce victimization.

So speak out and raise your voice against sexual violence! Know that you are not alone,

*Mumbi, Freely in Hope Scholar

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Pendo’s Power Launches in Kenya!

Freely in Hope celebrated the launch of Pendo’s Power, our very first illustrated children’s book that teaches parents and children how to prevent child sexual abuse. Our launch was held in Nairobi, Kenya with sponsors including Kenya National Library Service, ICEA Lion, and the Directorate of Children’s Services.

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