Highlights From Our Scholars Retreat

Every year, Freely In Hope hosts a four-day retreat for the scholars in Kenya and Zambia. Get a sneak peek into what we learned with each other!

Linda Toto: Protect the Child

Linda Toto means “protect the child” in Kiswahili. This program impacts parents and caregivers from diverse socioeconomic and tribal backgrounds, especially those living in informal and rural communities. These educational workshops train parents and caregivers on sexual abuse awareness, prevention, and response.

The Journey for Scholars

Unlike merit-based scholarship programs, a scholar’s journey at Freely in Hope can last between 4-9 years! Scholars engage in a holistic approach to lead toward healing, transformation, and leadership.

Freely In Hope

Jasiri: Brave

Our dream for Jasiri is that every child in Kenya will have the chance to learn about important subjects so that they can confidently call out any perpetrator who tries to abuse them.

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