Freely in Hope survivor-leaders are catalysts of change, role models for survivors, and leaders of system reform

Graduating as lawyers, healthcare workers and development workers, our survivor-leaders are equipped to change systems of oppression and bring freedom to their communities.

We establish safe spaces that equip our scholars for leadership. Our scholars are trained in:

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    Sexual Violence Prevention
    Learning the signs of abuse and prevention models to advocate against sexual violence
  • Freely In Hope
    Self Defense
    Strengthening inner confidence and
    body awareness
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    Transformational Leadership
    Informing our leadership through Appreciative Inquiry, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and StrengthsFinder® to bring community transformation
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    Human Rights
    Understanding local laws and international policies that protect women and children
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    Crisis Counseling & Intervention
    Responding to trauma by deescalating violence and restoring unity in the community
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    Financial Management
    Increasing financial literacy and independence
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    Art Therapy
    Facilitating healing, exploration, and reflection through art practices
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    Increasing neuroplasticity and post-traumatic growth through contemplative prayer and meditation practices
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    Restorative Storytelling
    Sharing stories to promote healing for survivors of sexual violence
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    Public Speaking
    Communicating confidently and effectively
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    Career Development
    Developing interviewing skills, strengthening resumes, and establishing professionalism
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    Trauma Healing
    Experiencing healing in mind, body, and spirit through a Biblical approach (by the Trauma Healing Institute)
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When the survivors of sexual violence become leaders in the community, they protect the rights of women and children because they know how it hurts when rights have been violated. As a survivor-leader in the community, I will lead people in educating them on how to respect each other’s rights.

Freely in Hope Scholar
IMAGE: Leading Linda Toto, a workshop that teaches children to recognize and report sexual violence

Freely In Hope

Our scholars put their leadership skills to practice through our Storytelling Platforms

Freely In Hope

Freely in Hope is raising the next generation of Africa’s female leaders.

These strong leaders will normalize justice for girls, influence systematic change and bring an end to sexual violence in our world.

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