Our scholars advocate for justice by sharing their stories.

We provide platforms for our survivors to advocate against sexual violence. Through our Storytelling Platforms, scholars put their leadership skills to practice.

Our Storytelling Platforms seek to end sexual violence in our communities.

In 2019 we served:







Freely In Hope




Freely In Hope


Training high school students to prevent sexual violence
In our community, 50% of students believe it’s a man’s right to have sex with women. Eneza, making “make it known” in Kiswahili, is a ten-week curriculum that trains high school students about sexual violence prevention.

Linda Toto

Educating children to recognize and report sexual abuse
Globally, 1 in 2 children have experienced violence in the past year. Linda Toto, meaning “protect a child” in Kiswahili, educates children on body autonomy. By educating children about sexual abuse, they will know how to speak out against it.
Freely In Hope
Freely In Hope


empowering women in prostition to achieve their vocational dreams
Malkia, meaning “Queen” in Swahili, provides a safe space for women in prostition, to be equipped, educated, and strengthend as role models that restore hope to their work places.

Super Girls Revolution

Providing a safe space for teenage girls to learn to bring light into the world.
Super Girls Revolution is a weekly program for teens and young women that provides a safe space to discuss topics including trauma healing, women’s rights, sexual violence prevention, spiritual formation, anti-trafficking, substance abuse, career development, and leadership.
Freely In Hope
Freely In Hope

Advocates Workshop

Training community advocates on best practices to ending sexual violence
Our Advocates Workshop invites leaders, practitioners, and advocates to share, learn, and train in best practices that end sexual violence. Advocates are able to strengthen networks and share resources to build stronger systems.

Freely in Hope is ending sexual violence through community initiatives designed and led by survivors of sexual violence.

Your support will allow our survivor-leaders to expand their reach and serve more communities!

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