From victim to survivor, and survivor to advocate, Freely in Hope alumni are using their careers to build a violence-free world.

Freely in Hope graduates are obtaining degrees in law, social work, psychology, community development, and education—they graduate equipped to fight against sexual violence and advocate for the rights of girls.

Featured Alumni

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As a lawyer, I represent the poor in a society where some believe that justice is only for the Rich. I fight for girls who have been made to feel like objects used by men—I fight for girls so that they may find their worth and begin to dream again.

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
Class of 2013

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As a nurse, my desire is to help improve the health and wellness of people in different communities. I want to help end the cycle of sexual violence because I understand what trauma looks like. Being a survivor, I would like to help other survivors through the journey of healing and help bring back justice to the girl child.

BA in Nursing
Class of 2018

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Sexual violence it is one of the greatest social evils in our communities today. I believe that it's time for communities to stand against it. Now as Freely in Hope's Program Manager, I am ending sexual violence every day by educating teachers, caregivers, boys, girls, and children about sexual violence and its prevention. We can make the world a better place.

BA in Gender & Development
Class of 2018

MORE Featured Alumni

Jean: Empowering Others to Dream

I want to ensure that the system adjusts to meet the needs of disadvantaged women in the community, and until we see change, we can empower these women to be the ones who will take a stand within their spheres of influence.

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Osikol: Advocating for Equality

I believe that both boys and girls are equal. I want to stand as a role model for girls who have been in the same situation as mine, I want for them to stand tall and know that they will overcome it.

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Equipping survivors and advocates to lead in ending the cycle of sexual violence.

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