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Join our holiday events across California

We’re so excited to be back in-person at these incredible holiday events! Join us in California to learn about our transformative work with survivors across Kenya and Zambia.

3 Ways You Can Keep Kids Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are a beautiful time of connection with friends and family near and far. Regardless of the family situations that we come from, we can make empowered decisions to protect our children during this holiday season.

Teaching Self-Defense to Empower Girls in Kenya

Every year, Freely In Hope commemorates the International Day of the Girl that focuses on empowering girls and women to use their voices in their communities to speak against injustice. This year, we had the privilege to partner with Ujamaa Africa and Imarika Youth to empower girls in Kibera, Kenya to learn self defense skills.

Freely In Hope

3 Ways to Promote Safety in Kibera

On International Day of the Girl this year, Freely in Hope is empowering 300 girls through self-defense trainings in Kenya and Zambia. Learn how you can promote safety for girls!

Freely In Hope

3 Powerful Ways to Advocate With Survivors of Sexual Violence

Rape culture is real — the words we say may be unintentional, but careless comments, lack of support, and judgmental attitudes cause great harm. Many survivors are harmed emotionally and psychologically because of the myths, stigmas, and stereotypes that are dominant in a patriarchal culture.

Protecting Your Child During Elections

When it comes to children, you as the parent are the first level of support and that sometimes can feel like a daunting task. Beginning to care for your child’s mental health begins with knowing your child and what their “normal” looks like. Use that as a basis to understand and appreciate their uniqueness.

4 Ways to Parent from a Trauma Informed Perspective

The Trauma-Informed Parenting Guide provides the basics of trauma-informed care to empower parents and caregivers to have age-appropriate conversations with their children around sexuality, sexual abuse, and trauma healing.

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