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Try this butterfly hug exercise to center and calm yourself whenever you feel your anxiety rising.
This is a helpful exercise for survivors to bring their bodies to awareness and safety.

The Butterfly Hug DirectionS

10 ways to stand with survivors of abuse

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Explore our empowering blogs authored by survivor leaders and experts, offering invaluable insights and support on the journey to healing and empowerment.

Mental Health Practices for Survivors by Survivors

As a survivor, we often feel alone in our pain and suffering. This sense of loneliness may lead to depression, withdrawal, or self-harm. It’s important to remember that we are not alone and that there are systems of support available to help us heal.

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meet survivor leaders

Discover the transformative journeys of survivor leaders and find inspiration to embrace your own path to thriving. Dive into their stories and envision the possibilities!

Magdalene: Equipping Girls to Shine

My ultimate dream is to open a safe home for girls who have been rescued from prostitution, are at risk of being sexually abused, and have no one to fight for them. This home will be filled with hope, faith, and love for dreams to be restored so that they are able to go to school, just as I have.

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Maryanne: From Survivor to Child Protection Advocate

Maryanne’s story is one of courage, resilience, and hope. As Freely in Hope’s Child Protection Program Coordinator, Maryanne leads sexual abuse prevention programs across Kenya. She equips children, parents, teachers, and organizational leaders with lifesaving knowledge about consent, body safety, and reporting abuse. As she is creating awareness about sexual violence, her dream is to build an art center for children!

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