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Are you a parent passionate about protecting and uplifting children?

Are you a practitioner based in Kenya or Zambia with a focus on ending child sexual abuse?

If you identify as a practitioner, parent, or advocate for ending child sexual abuse, then don’t miss the first-ever Advocates Connect virtual conference! 

Taking place December 10th, the Advocates Connect Conference will focus on ending child sexual abuse by featuring conversations with prominent child-protection activists from Kenya and Zambia. In addition, Advocates Connect members will have access to our Advocacy Toolkit, packed with educational resources, robust curriculum and interactive video training to equip your advocacy efforts in your community. Originally valued at $499, this toolkit will serve as an invaluable tool for any parent, caregiver or practitioner committed to ending child sexual abuse. 

Join us at this first of it’s kind conference where we will facilitate panel discussions, engaging breakout sessions and firsthand testimonials by registering today. The Advocates Connect Conference will serve as an opportunity to hear from other parents, professionals and advocates and learn strategic ideas on how we can all play a role in protecting our children.

What To Expect as an Attendee

An opportunity to network and exchange strategies with advocates from Kenya and Zambia

Exclusive access to impactful educational resources on preventing and responding to child sexual abuse (market value of $499)

Professional development opportunities through quarterly workshops and virtual and in-person networking events

Be a part of this life changing experience by registering today! 
This is a virtual event with international access. 

To register from Zambia by paying through Airtel Money, click here.

Advocates Connect, a conference and membership platform, connects global anti-sexual violence advocates with survivor-centered solutions for a world free of sexual violence.

200+ Attendees
1 Day Virtual Event
Networking Opportunities
Advocacy Toolkit for Members

The Speakers

Program Manager,
Freely in Hope, Kenya

Born and raised in Kibera, East Africa’s largest slum, Lydia has experienced the effects of sexual violence, lack of education, and poverty first-hand. Now, as Freely in Hope’s Program Manager, she coordinates, designs, and implements programs that exemplify best practices on ending the cycle of sexual violence. She loves seeing survivors unlock and fully live out their potential. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, Lydia will be sharing best practices and community-driven solutions for ending sexual violence in the community.

Founder and CEO,
Verde Group Ltd

Suzanne Semenye is the Founder and CEO of Verde Group Ltd, a bespoke marketing solutions agency in Nairobi, Kenya. She started Verde Group as an umbrella company to engage in transformative market-driven projects that are in line with her passion of improving women economic status, self awareness, business acumen and self advancement. Gleaning from comprehensive data conducting from parents in Kenya, Suzanne will be sharing insights on ways parents and caregivers can overcome fear and stigma to prevent child sexual abuse.

Senior Manager Survivor Services, International Justice Mission, Kenya

Pamella Masakhwi is a Counselling Psychologist serving as the Senior Manager, Survivor Services for IJM in Kenya. Pamella manages a team of social workers, psychologists, and counselors by providing leadership in developing intervention strategies for client service provision. Her work is dedicated to enhancing healing and promoting restoration to the victims of abuse and oppression. At Advocates Connect, Pamella will be discussing the barriers to accessing justice for child sexual abuse cases and proven solutions for overcoming these barriers.

MNK Psychotherapy,

Lubi was the first registered clinical psychologist in her country, holding a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cape Town. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organisational Psychology. Lubi is passionate about promoting mental wellbeing and is constantly seeking new and relevant ways to care for her community. Her mission is to make mental health and wellness available to people in vulnerable communities. At Advocates Connect, Lubi will share trauma-informed parenting practices and resources to support survivors of child sexual abuse.

Master of ceremonies

Master Chimbala is an African heart of positivity and diversity. For over 20 years he has worked among children, youths, families, and communities in Zambia. In two other worlds, he delivers learning for positive change and multi-media services. Master has been a celebrated TV host and public speaker who carries organizations and companies through training and coaching programs. He also founded a charity organization, the Master Chimbala Foundation. In his work, he is passionate about uplifting the lives of girls and women.

Ticket Tiers


500 KSH or 100 ZMW
  • Virtual Experience


1,000 KSH or 200 ZMW
  • Virtual Experience
  • Advocacy Toolkit


2000 KSH or 400 ZMW
  • Virtual Experience
  • Advocacy Toolkit
  • Pendo's Power Hardcopy


4,000 KSH or 800 ZMW
Group Rate (5 people)
  • Virtual Experience
  • Advocacy Toolkit

To register from Zambia by paying through Airtel Money, click here.

This is a LIVE virtual Zoom conference with a special emphasis on leaders working with children in Kenya and Zambia. All who are passionate about ending child sexual abuse are welcome to attend and adapt learnings, just remember to check your time zone!

Our Sponsors

Sponsorship Opportunities​

Sponsorship of Advocates Connect is an opportunity to support the movement to end sexual violence and be recognized for this commitment through valuable brand and content placements. Your support of the Advocates Connect conference brings increased awareness to survivor-driven interventions and celebrates best practices in ending sexual violence, demonstrating leadership on these essential issues. Want to collaborate? Contact us! We’d love to learn more about your objectives.

Naming Opportunities
Brand Recognition
Employee Professional development
Product Placement
VIP Opportunities
Content Sharing Platforms


  1. Professional development opportunities through quarterly workshops and virtual and in-person networking events,
  2. Access to the Advocacy Toolkit with lifesaving educational resources, survivor-centered curriculum, and professional training videos that will fuel your fight against sexual violence,
  3. Increase awareness to your commitment of fighting sexual violence,
  4. Feature your brand on the Advocates Connect event website and event marketing materials,
  5. Enhance reputation and build trust through meaningful networking with like-minded organizations and companies.

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