Leadership Models that Empower

Nairobi, kenya

Exploring leadership models that empower with advocates against sexual violence.

Advocates Connect is a platform connecting survivor-centered solutions for a world free of sexual violence. Our team in Kenya held an interactive workshop on Turning Tables: Leadership that empowers the team to propel the dream! We created and strengthened models for leadership that would disseminate change across communities and we also developed value systems for community-led initiatives. This workshop hosted leaders from across Nairobi in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors who wanted to explore effective leadership models. Freely in Hope facilitated a lively discussion on community-led initiatives that actually work. Together, participants developed value systems for community-led initiatives that can be implemented within their fields. Attendees shared their stories to create and strengthen our models for leadership—allowing our leadership to disseminate change across communities. Take a look at what we came up with together!

What are these community-led initiatives?

These are initiatives that are pioneered by communities in an effort to address its challenges. The community takes time to understand its challenges, marshalls resources and provides lasting solutions. The role of the leader is to support and enable the community to achieve its common goals. Why are community-led initiatives important?

  • The community best understands its problems and therefore has the potential to provide the most suitable solutions. 

  • Allowing a community to lean on its resources to solve its challenges increases the potential for sustainability.

  • Community-led initiatives help build stronger relationships in the community.

  • When a community is engaged in solving its problems, it
    moves from a place of frustration and dependence to a place of empowerment and control.

  • Community-led initiatives attract more partnerships and stakeholders.

  • The communities collective voices can be heard and they influence systemic and policy change.

How can leaders transform systems?

To lead in transforming organizational systems that support the leadership of the community, the leader must actively utilize the following resources:

  • Using the SMART Model to set goals and objectives for the initiatives.
  • Leadership that empowers the community and is willing to take the risk to invest in others.
  • Sharing our collective voice as a community by individually speaking up and and collectively speaking out.
  • Networking – building partnerships with the Govt, NGOs and the Private Sector to leverage on their different strengths.
  • Building sustainability by being committed leaders who are willing to go the long haul.
  • Effective communication that facilitates the sharing of ideas with the right people.
  • Leadership that is able to prioritize, listen to the community and notice immediate needs.
  • Mentorship – build continuity by equipping community leaders through counseling, guidance for direction
  • Investing in research to build evidence that can be used to advocate for policy and systemic change.
  • Leading with Integrity – building trust, having follow through, being accountable stewards, emotional intelligence.
  • Leading with passion and being angry enough to act.
  • Strengthening the soul of our leadership through self awareness,
    emotional intelligence and self care.
  • Mobilizing the right resources – money, human resource and time.
  • Building a culture of inclusivity where everyone is respected, all are heard, and their ideas are included in the common goal.
  • Nurturing creativity to increase efficiency.
We all agreed that these values must be anchored in LOVE for our communities.
  • Thanks to the guys at Lab Oculus for taking notes and designing this takeaway!
  • See more pictures from the Advocates Connect workshop on Facebook.
  • Special thanks to our venue sponsor, Metta
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A Letter from our Directors

In 2023, we directly impacted over 6,000 people with programs and resources that empower survivors and end sexual violence worldwide! But we didn’t start here…


In 2023, we directly impacted over 6,000 people with programs and resources that empower survivors and end sexual violence worldwide! But we didn’t start here—14 years ago, we began by listening to the dreams of one survivor in Kenya and one survivor in Zambia.

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