Upcoming Events (2023)

According to a study conducted by Gallup, safety is one of the critical needs of community members. As leaders, the systems, cultures, and values that we create can either damage or promote a sense of safety, particularly for people who have experienced trauma. In this workshop, learn the primary components of emotional safety and practical ways to transform your systems. Register here.

Join us for a special Mother’s Day concert in-store at Kendra Scott in Walnut Creek. 20% of all sales will support Freely in Hope. Can’t make it? Shop online from May 11-12 using code: GIVEBACK-DVGBW. 

Are you a survivor of sexual abuse looking for a community of support? When sexual abuse happens, feelings of hopelessness can take over. But you are not alone. Reclaim is a support group for survivors of sexual assault to help survivors reclaim their voice, body, and hope. This will be a safe space for survivors to share practices that support their healing journey after sexual violence. Register here.

1 in 3 women are survivors of sexual abuse worldwide. Putting this into context, this means one-third of your female relationships at work, church, or in your family may have experienced sexual abuse. Knowing this might change the way we support survivors of sexual abuse in our communities. Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, corporate manager, parent, or student, we can all play a transformative role in preventing sexual violence wherever we are. Partnering with faith-based organizations, Freely in Hope is excited to invite you to this hybrid event that equips faith leaders with survivor-led solutions to combat sexual abuse. We believe that faith-based organizations can be a leading example that transforms abusive systems into sanctuaries of safety throughout our world. Register here.

Have questions about these events? Interested in joining as a corporate sponsor? Contact: nikole@freelyinhope.org

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Upcoming Events (2023)

Catch us in the Bay Area and online through a series of inspiring educational events!

Join our holiday events across California

We’re so excited to be back in-person at these incredible holiday events! Join us in California to learn about our transformative work with survivors across Kenya and Zambia.

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