REclaim: Survivor Support Group

Are you a survivor of sexual assault looking for a community of support?

When sexual abuse happens, feelings of hopelessness can take over. But you are not alone. Reclaim is a support group for survivors of sexual assault to help survivors reclaim their voice, body, and hope. This will be a safe space for survivors to share practices that support their healing journey after sexual violence. 

The next Reclaim cohort will meet for 6 sessions twice a month.
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themes we'll explore


This session will focus on naming the abuse. We will discuss ways to shift the focus of any residual blame and shame the survivor might be experiencing.

Freely In Hope

Sexual assault can cause feelings of dissociation and self-harm. Treating our bodies with love and care aids in the healing process.

Freely In Hope

This session will focus on how we can create a life after sexual violence. We’ll discuss practices that support your own healing process toward freedom.

meet your facilitator

Jean Nangwala is a singer, speaker, survivor-advocate, and creative content producer. She was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. Her passion for social justice stems from her personal experience of injustice and witnessing the same inequality across the globe. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a minor in Media Studies. During her undergraduate studies, Jean volunteered with a juvenile facility in Cape Town, survivors of sexual violence in Nairobi, and creatives using art for community transformation in Barcelona. She has also worked with The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in New York City, Partnering to End Human Trafficking in Connecticut, and is currently working as the Lead Storyteller for Freely in Hope located in the Bay Area. Through her experiences, she has witnessed the gravity that broken systems can have on the lives of the vulnerable. Her passion is empowering women to come together and alleviate systems that perpetuate social injustice. She loves using art to inspire others to find liberation. To learn more, check out her YouTube Channel, Tales of a Black Girl.

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other resources for survivors

Do you need help? Access our resources below or call the National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800.656.HOPE

4 ways survivors can
promote holistic health

A holistic approach ensures that all parts of us can thrive after experiencing trauma. We hope that this resource can help you support survivors wherever you are. For survivors in our community, we hope you experience healing, feel support from us as your community, and experience a thriving life after sexual assault. 


Whether you are a month or a decade into your healing journey, intentionality and consistency is the most important element of healing. The need for self-care and rejuvenation makes us human and should be embraced as a tool for working through trauma and bettering ourselves.

storytelling fellowship for survivors

Telling our stories as survivors of sexual violence is the first step to healing, but how do we begin? Made for Pax and Freely in Hope are launching a fellowship program where fellows will learn the process of telling their stories through an artistic lens by practicing their voice as creatives, reflecting on healing, spiritual methodologies, and recognizing the redemptive power in storytelling. 

the butterfly hug breathing exercise

Try this butterfly hug exercise to center and calm yourself whenever you feel your anxiety rising. This is a helpful exercise for survivors to bring their bodies to awareness and safety.

#metoo survivor's sanctuary

This is a self guided healing platform created to aid survivors in their healing journeys. You are invited to explore your healing through our three healing approaches mind, body, and integrative. 

inclusive therapists

Inclusive Therapists aims to make it simpler and safer for people in marginalized communities. Find a culturally responsive, 2SLGBTQ+ affirming therapist that celebrates your full identity.

tales of a black girl

This YouTube channel by Jean Nangwala shares her passion for storytelling, music, and dance. Her platform speaks out from a survivors perspective, showing the power in raising our collective voices.

do you want to start your own survivor support group?

We’ll be sharing the curriculum to our 6-week Reclaim program made for survivors, by survivors.
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