3 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Month

March is Women's history Month!

To celebrate, Freely in Hope will be sharing ways to celebrate all month long! There are immense barriers for girls to pursue an education in our communities and much of this has been exasperated due to the pandemic. Yet, we believe that girls have the right to achieve their academic dreams which will enable them to have equal rights, form their own solutions, and create pathways for other girls to have opportunities to pursue their dreams. This is exactly why Freely in Hope exists—to provide educational opportunities for women so that they can build equal opportunities for girls worldwide. Want to learn how you can join us in this mission?

Here are 3 Ways to support women this month!

Freely In Hope

View Our virtual events!

Check out our virtual Hope Circle Launch Party! This event was hosted by our very own scholars and we can’t wait for you to hear uplifting stories from our scholars. These Hope Circle Connect Calls are usually exclusive to Hope Circle Members. But because it’s Women’s Month, we have opened it up to you! Come see what the Hope Circle membership is all about and become a member to engage in future conversations with our scholars on best practices for survivor-advocacy.

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, Freely in Hope hosted a special virtual event on how we can achieve #EducationforEquality in Kenya and Zambia! 

Freely In Hope


Your monthly donations will fund educational opportunities for women so that they can fight for justice and equality! The Hope Circle is an unshakable community of monthly givers that believe in our audacious mission of ending sexual violence. Learn about the membership benefits and join today!

Wherever you are, you can become a member and donate through our website.

Giving from Kenya or Zambia? 

You can also donate through mobile money. All donations will benefit our holistic education program for survivors of sexual violence in Kenya and Zambia. 

Pay Bill: 891300
Account: GG18908

Send Airtel Money to:

Freely In Hope

stay connected with us online!

Want to engage with like-minded advocates who stand with survivors? Join our Facebook Groups to engage in conversations around survivor-advocacy in your country. Learn how to end sexual violence and access resources to support survivors locally and network with other advocates in a safe space.

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Learn more on how we’re ending sexual violence in our communities.

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Establishing Relational Boundaries for Children

As parents and caregivers, we are not in complete control over what happens to our children, but it is our responsibility to protect our children by deciding which adults have access to them. Healthy relational boundaries are a necessary factor in preventing child sexual abuse. These boundaries determine and gauge the health of all relationships.

Disrupting the Cycle of Child Sexual Abuse in Kenya and Zambia

Learning about the causes and effects of sexual violence in our communities will provide understanding and strategy as we seek to disrupt the cycle of child sexual abuse. If we are to leave an impact, our efforts must be paired with prevention-focused conversations to inspire shifts in African culture. 

A Letter to Those Who Blamed Me As a Child

One day, my pastor spoke on supporting the broken. This message struck my core. Is this not what the church was meant for? I summoned all the courage left in my tiny body to tell my pastor what I had been subjected to by my perpetrators. He asked me if I screamed or if I have told anyone since. I took a deep breath and simply said no. He firmly and loudly told me that I must have wanted it, pronouncing his judgment against me.

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