Pendo’s Power Launches in Kenya!

pendo's power is now available in kenya

Freely in Hope celebrated the launch of Pendo’s Power, our very first illustrated children’s book that teaches parents and children how to prevent child sexual abuse. Our launch was held in Nairobi, Kenya with sponsors including Kenya National Library Service, ICEA Lion, and the Directorate of Children’s Services. As a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering survivors of sexual violence, we deeply understand the urgent need to equip children and parents with the knowledge and courage to prevent child abuse. 

Our Pendo’s Power book launch was marked by the presence of passionate advocates, caring parents, dedicated caregivers, and committed educators. Held at the prestigious Maktaba Kuu Building of the Kenya National Library Service, the event brought together individuals who share our mission of safeguarding children from sexual abuse. Witnessing the overwhelming support and enthusiasm of the attendees further ignited our determination to create a safer environment for children.

As the visionary author of Pendo’s Power, Lydia Matioli poured her heart and soul into crafting this touching and relatable story. The book revolves around Pendo, a brave six-year-old girl living in the slums of Kibera. Guided by her well-informed parents, Pendo learns to recognize the signs of sexual abuse and discovers the strength to use her voice to protect herself and her friends. Through the captivating narrative, Lydia Matioli masterfully covers essential themes such as consent, healthy body boundaries, safe and unsafe touch, the power of speaking up, community values, positive parenting, and justice. 

Pendo's Power is a powerful tool for initiating crucial conversations with children about their safety, autonomy, and inherent worth.

At Freely in Hope, we firmly believe that creating lasting change requires collective efforts. The resounding success of Pendo’s Power would not have been possible without the generous support of our partners—from dance performances by Cheza Cheza, to book illustrations by Ian Njuguna, to speakers from International Justice Mission, Jasiri Mugumo School, and Imarika Youth. Partnerships with these organizations reinforce the significance of working together to combat child sexual exploitation and abuse. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Kenya National Library Service for their pledge to include Pendo’s Power in their upcoming online library, ensuring this resource reaches countless children in Kenya.

The collective commitment to safeguarding children from abuse reflects our shared determination to protect the most vulnerable among us.

 The Pendo’s Power book launch marks just the beginning of a transformative journey, and we are eagerly anticipating the profound impact of Pendo’s Power on young lives everywhere. As we continue to spread this empowering storybook far and wide, we aim to raise awareness and ignite conversations that will empower children to protect themselves and one another. Together, we can create a future where children are educated, safe, and empowered to shine brightly and fearlessly.

Pendo’s Power launches in the United States in Fall 2023.

If you’re interested in inviting Lydia Matioli as a speaker or hiring Freely in Hope to provide a child protection training for your organization or church, contact:

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Freely in Hope provides community education on child sexual abuse prevention and survivor care.

We provide culturally resonant interactive workshops for children, teenagers, parents, and organizational leaders to learn about preventing sexual abuse. We partner with schools, churches, and organizations to equip communities through trauma-informed, survivor-led, and anti-oppressive practices that will create a safer world for us all.
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Written by Melanie Namulwany Hapisu.

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A Letter from our Directors

In 2023, we directly impacted over 6,000 people with programs and resources that empower survivors and end sexual violence worldwide! But we didn’t start here…


In 2023, we directly impacted over 6,000 people with programs and resources that empower survivors and end sexual violence worldwide! But we didn’t start here—14 years ago, we began by listening to the dreams of one survivor in Kenya and one survivor in Zambia.

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