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Because of the generous support of donors and partners like you, Freely in Hope will be able to equip 27 survivors of sexual violence through scholarships this year. Through their leadership, our impact is projected to reach over 3,000 people through our sexual violence prevention programs. It is our goal to continue doing this impactful work, making a difference in our world. Please consider becoming a sponsor, offering an in-kind donation, or joining us at our gala.

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Looking for a way to share your skills in a meaningful way? Help us run our events, represent our cause, provide tech skills, and more! Contact and tell us what you’re best at!

Freely In Hope

The Advocates Society is for those who want to make a difference in the world by standing with survivors.

Join the Advocates Society by rallying your friends for justice! Start a fundraiser, donate your birthday, and advocate against sexual violence at your church or school.

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