August’s Hopeful News

August's Impact Report:

Thank you for encircling our scholars with holistic support during this pandemic. Your donations are helping us respond to the ever evolving needs in our community.

# of resource cards distribtued


This month, our staff distributed Sexual Violence Prevention Resource Cards that contained sexual abuse hotlines and avenues for people to report incidents of sexual violence. 

# of scholars trained in leadership


Our scholars in Zambia are on academic break and we’re holding important conversations on leadership, self-care, financial management, and being a young lady on a mission. 

scholar highlight of the month

“This month, I completed a program on leadership development and entrepreneurship (LDEP). Though I graduated from high school last year, I have to wait a whole year before going to university. This LDEP program helped me learn important skills during this gap year which has helped me focus on my dreams. Freely in Hope ensured that I had an enabling environment for learning. I am physically well and self-care was needed especially during this period of the pandemic. Because schools are closed, many of my friends are messing up their lives, but I thank God for the care and protection over my life. Freely in Hope has been very mindful of me providing me with weekly check-ins with the counselor. This has been my biggest highlight!”

Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 12.08.13 AM
Freely in Hope Scholar
Aspiring Lawyer
Class of  2025

staff reflection

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“I finally have my books in hand! I’m so grateful for my international village who believed in me before I believed in myself. My book, Liberation is Here, featuring my journey being inspired and transformed by the tenacity, strength, and vision of survivors of sexual violence. This book is a culmination of 10 years—witnessing the horrific pains and indescribable joy of working with survivors of sexual violence through Freely in Hope. My prayer is that you will be moved by the words and images inside—that the stories will speak life into your spirit and challenge you in the same ways it challenged me. ⁠Register for my Book Launch Party for a signed copy and extra goodies!

Register by September 1st for a n early-release signed copy and limited edition mask made from African fabric!

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 1.03.04 PM

NIkole Lim
Founder and International Director

member spotlight

Photo - Christelle Timis

member since 2020

Christelle, Luxembourg
“The pandemic encouraged me to give to support the girls of Freely in Hope. These girls already had to go through very hard times and as a survivor,  I want to help them as much as I can. Every progress and success, as small as it may be, makes it worth it!”

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