Trauma-Informed Parenting Series

We are providing a free resource on trauma-informed parenting to share practical skills that boost resilience, heal trauma, and build connection with your child. The additional companion guide provides parents with knowledge to navigate the intricate role of caregiving that prevents child sexual abuse and provides support for children who are survivors of sexual abuse.

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understanding body autonomy

Body autonomy means that children have control over their bodies. A child should know that they have a right over what happens to their bodies, and that they shouldn’t be coerced or forced into something they don’t want to do.

building connection

Building connection with your child means being intentional about putting love into every action. As a parent, it’s very important to create unstructured and uninterrupted time to spend with your child.

affirming your child

Affirming your child through superpowers is a good way for parents to boost confidence in their children. Using the term, “superpower” as a metaphor for unique attributes that children possess can help them understand that differences aren’t something to be ashamed of, but something to be proud of.

releasing stress

Providing a safe space where children are allowed and encouraged to talk about the difficulties they face and the feelings they are experiencing is imperative to their emotional health and growth.


download the free companion guide

The Trauma-Informed Parenting companion guide provides the basics of trauma-informed care to empower parents and caregivers to have age-appropriate conversations with their children around sexuality, sexual abuse, and trauma healing. 

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