This Bible Study guide aims to facilitate a series of healing conversations between survivors of sexual violence and advocates for survivors. We hope that you will use this guide to curate conversations among leaders and members to provide a shared understanding of the survivor’s experience and more robust protection policies within your church, organization, or community.

about the authors

jean nangwala

Jean Nangwala is a singer, speaker, creator and survivor-advocate. She was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. Her passion for social justice stems from her personal experience of injustice and witnessing the same inequality across the globe.  She loves using music and dance to inspire others to find liberation through their art. Check out her YouTube Channel, Tales of a Black Girl

Nikole Lim is a speaker, educator, and author of the book, Liberation is Here. As the Founder and International Director of Freely in Hope, Nikole teaches organizations, corporations, and academic institutions on best practices for survivor care and anti-sexual violence policy. She is currently a student of Embodied Psychotherapy and Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science.

Freely in Hope equips survivors to lead in ending sexual violence. Learn how.

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