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other ways to advocate

Want to do more in our efforts to end sexual violence? There is so much we can do as a community to uplift survivors in our communities. 

Hope Circle members understand that healing trauma requires a holistic approach. Your monthly donations literally encircle each Freely in Hope scholar — providing them with what they need to not just survive, but to thrive!

In Liberation is Here, Nikole Lim, founder of Freely in Hope, shares her journey that proves that liberation is not just near, but it is here―in the eyes of the broken, the hearts of the oppressed, and the untold stories of our global community.

We need advocates like you to stand with us in the fight against sexual violence. Freely in Hope is looking to build our Board of Directors to help us expand, sustain, and fulfill our important work in the US, Kenya, and Zambia.

learn about survivor-advocacy

Our hope is that our donors feel empowered to stand with survivors and prevent sexual abuse in their own communities. As we stand with survivors at Freely in Hope, we want their solutions to provide survivor-advocates with the tools they need to be better allies with survivors in their lives. Here are some learning resources to support your survivor-advocacy journey.

This is a 10 series video course produced with Seminary Now. This course will equip you to advocate alongside survivors, expand your perspective by learning from the wisdom of survivors, and challenge you to fight against systems of oppression and establish new systems of liberation within your community

Why are women silenced? How can women live out true, biblical nonviolence in response? And what could healing and creative resistance to issues of sexual violence look like? This powerful and important conversation around Sexual Violence is a collaborative partnership between Freely In Hope and Pax.

This Trauma-Informed Parenting video series provides practical tools, skills, and learning lessons to practice with your child. We believe that preventing child sexual abuse requires parenting practices that build trust, connection, and empathy. These are foundational practices that can help prevent child sexual abuse.

As advocates against sexual violence, we must surround survivors with support so that they can find healing and thrive. Advocating with survivors in our life is a journey that is incredibly nuanced with beautiful lessons along the way. If you want to learn how to support survivors better, here are 4 tips on how to advocate for survivors of sexual assault, written from a survivor’s perspective.

two women hold hands wearing infinity bracelet

Whether you are a month or a decade into your advocacy journey, self-care is absolutely essential when caregiving for survivors. The need for self-care and rejuvenation makes us human and should be embraced as a tool for better advocacy. Our work of advocacy must be sustained through self-care as we bring healing to ourselves so that we can bring about healing to our community of survivors. 

By educating ourselves and those around us, we will be able to hold perpetrators accountable and prevent children from suffering abuse. This intention and standard must begin with the parents and caregivers in the home. There is no instruction manual for dealing with trauma, but there are ways to ensure the child feels safe and heard. Here are some steps that you can take to support your child.

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At Freely in Hope, transparency is one of our core values. We believe that financial, relational and programmatic transparency is essential to promoting social responsibility and ending systemic injustice.

thank you for standing with survivors

Your support means the world to survivor-leaders across Kenya and Zambia. Hear their stories first-hand by joining Hope Circle as a monthly donor and strengthen your advocacy efforts as a survivor-ally and prevent sexual violence in your own community.

As a Hope Circle Member you’ll get:

Welcome gift of Freely in Hope swag sent to your door

Special monthly newsletters with impact stories from scholars

Quarterly live conversations and Q&A's with scholars from Kenya & Zambia

Membership discounts & early access to future events

All Hope Circle members will receive: Digital downloads to original music by Freely in Hope alumni, sexual violence prevention resources cards, and the first chapter of Liberation is Here


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