Freely in Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping survivors and advocates to lead in ending the cycle of sexual violence. Freely in Hope operates in Kenya and Zambia providing holistic education, leadership development, and storytelling platforms for young women affected by sexual violence. 

From Nairobi, Lusaka, and California, we are tirelessly driven by a passionate desire to co-create a world free of sexual violence. We lead with empathy, optimism, and a respect for diversity—treating all of our beneficiaries with utmost dignity. A positive perspective, honesty and integrity, commitment to the cause, excellent communication skills, and a sense of self-motivation are high values in our organization. We encourage our team to take initiative and leadership in their work, to be creative and exercise their strengths, and to participate in the design of their position while achieving organizational targets. As a team, we are committed to building stability, embodying hope, building trust, and fostering compassion while providing holistic care with the communities we serve—believing that the most oppressed have the potential to become powerful leaders in our communities. 

Employees at Freely in Hope have a strong passion for our mission and vision. Employees also have a desire to serve and to advocate for the security and empowerment of women and children. As a whole, employees are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the mission, philosophy, and vision of the organization by developing mutual trust with its leaders, partners, and beneficiaries by living out the organizational values throughout their personal lives and vocational work. Freely in Hope is committed to maintaining an inclusive community that recognizes and values the inherent dignity and worth of every person; fosters tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect among its community, and encourages each individual to strive to reach their own potential. We advocate for the dignity of all people regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, parental status, marital status, age, disability, work-related injury claim, veteran status, political ideology, or any other factor. In pursuit of organizational excellence, Freely in Hope, seeks to develop and nurture its diversity. Freely in Hope, believes that diversity among its community strengthens the organization, stimulates creativity, promotes the exchange of ideas, and enriches community life.


Marketing lead

The Marketing Lead will develop and lead Freely in Hope’s marketing strategy to boost online fundraising efforts, strengthen monthly giving programs, and increase social media engagement. The Marketing Lad would oversee a small team of young creatives with previous experience in social media, ads management, and storytelling. The Marketing Lead will build up our brand awareness through social media reach and public relations, design authentic marketing strategies that leverage the voices of our survivor community, and strengthen and diversify funding streams through monthly giving programs and product sales. This position will better establish Freely in Hope as a leading organization in survivor-led solutions that end sexual violence in our world.

This is a part-time position with the potential for full-time work in 2022. Required availability during Freely in Hope’s virtual and in-person events (after hours and some weekends).


Marketing guru. You have at least 4+ years of experience working in marketing for a global NGO or corporation, preferably in education, community development, and/or services for survivors of sexual violence. 

Collaborative spirit. You have worked at least 2 years at a management level or above and love shaping and developing processes and procedures that equip teams to work in an efficient, unified, and collaborative manner.

Strategic communicator. You are able to adopt our communication style and adapt strategically while understanding the cultural diversity, nuance, and complexities of the communities we work in. 

Curiosity. You are eager to learn new insights, perspectives, and methodologies to communicate and market our work, stories, and message with effectiveness, uniqueness, and power. 

Gravitas. Your commitment to excellence inspires others to have the same standards to further our mission. You’re able to remain calm in times of crisis, mitigate emergencies compassionately, and lead others toward unity. 

Gets our model. We believe that the most oppressed have the potential to become powerful leaders in our communities. You understand the ethos behind our mission. 

Key responsibilities

Increase Brand Awareness

  • Design, implement, and test marketing strategies that boost engagement, public awareness, and sales around campaigns, events, fundraisers, and education on our cause,
  • Foster brand alignment in our connections and communications through strategic influencers, partnerships, and sponsorships,
  • Provide oversight, direction, and leadership that listens and platforms survivor stories in a manner that leverages the dignity, strength, and wisdom of the communities we serve.

Coordinate Communication Systems

  • Design, implement, and test marketing strategies to generate leads, build engagement, and strengthen retention with followers, subscribers, and donors, 
  • Manage effectiveness and seamlessness of communication systems including social media, email marketing, WordPress, and CRM integrations. 
  • Designate systems and procedures that provide efficient, quality, and consistent communication with followers, subscribers, stakeholders, partners, sponsors, and donors to build relationships, provide relevant correspondence, and foster credibility,

Boost and Diversify Income Streams

  • Design marketing tactics to increase income through our monthly giving program, Hope Circle,
  • Develop a robust and effective sales and communications platform utilizing drop-shipping integration, digital downloads, and product sales through Shopify,
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to design fundraising strategies, coordinate engaging virtual and in-person events, disseminate public relations materials, gain corporate sponsorships, and create unique and compelling campaigns.

Marketing Leadership

  • Oversee the marketing team and provide insight to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing strategy outcomes,
  • Communicate and collaborate with Storytelling Fellows across the US, Kenya, and Zambia to collect stories, images, videos, and ideas for campaigns, events, and fundraisers
  • Ensure the direction of all communication channels are moving in alignment with our survivor-centered, survivor-led, community-driven, and trauma-informed approach. Ensure our content leverages beauty, represents our values, celebrates diversity, and uplifts and honors the survivor’s voice.
  • Professional Development fund of up to $1,000 annually
  • Health & Wellness fund of up to $1,000 annually
  • 1 Mental Health Day off per month

we'd love for you to join our team!

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