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Eneza, which is swahili for “making it known” is a sexual violence prevention curriculum for high school students. The Eneza Curriculum teaches students on sexual violence prevention, human rights laws, and practices to build a violence-free world. This curriculum aims to increase awareness on sexual violence to better support people who are affected by sexual violence. It also teaches communities prevention strategies that will help reduce the rate of sexual violence through reporting measures and local resources for help.

The Eneza Curriculum is for high school students, teachers, organizations, and institutions who work closely with students who desire to empower the next generation to build a world free of sexual violence.

Freely In Hope


Discovering Hope Amid Trauma

Liberation Is Here is the story of Nikole Lim’s journey as an idealistic freelance filmmaker. Her career allowed her to step in and out of the lives of people who had experienced oppression around the world. But when confronted with the prevalence of sexual violence in Kenyan and Zambian communities, she commits to advocating alongside the courageous survivors whose lives have intersected with her own.

These women’s powerful stories inspire her to embark on a new vocation, partnering with survivors of sexual violence to launch Freely in Hope—a nonprofit organization that equips survivors of sexual violence to lead through their rewritten stories.

But as Lim embarks on the journey towards liberation with the survivors she serves, her perspective is radically altered. Exhausted and deathly ill, she witnesses how these young women become her healers—the once oppressed become her liberators.

From the slums of Nairobi, hospitals of Lusaka, killing fields of Kigali, and the back alleys of Barcelona, Lim weaves together stories presenting a narrative of God’s grace and healing amid fear and trauma. Her journey proves that liberation is not just near, but it is here—in the eyes of the broken, the hearts of the oppressed, and the untold stories of our global community.

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