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Women’s Voice Event | San Francisco


For Women’s Month, Freely in Hope celebrated the unique voices of our survivors and advocates! Each person plays a unique role in this ongoing battle against sexual violence.


Jewelry, a symbol of individuality and self-expression, was a focus of our most recent event: “Women’s Voice” hosted by Maggie Gunn in San Francisco! As an advocate for Freely in Hope, Maggie generously offered her home for a party, during which we provided an open auction of handmade jewelry from various parts of Africa and original art by our scholars. The night not only allowed us to inform more people of the sheer presence of sexual violence in our society–it allowed us to address that there is hope.



The jewelry up for bid at the party was handmade jewelry from Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Zambia. While jewelry can easily be used just for decor, these pieces, from their design to their materials, symbolized one of Freely in Hope’s core values: restoration.



Along with jewelry we featured art from our scholars’ art and healing sessions, Beauty of Transformation and Portraits of Dignity during which our scholars created art that symbolized their restoration.




Our fundraising goal for the night was $5,000. Thanks to the generosity of the hosts, half of the goal was pledged as a matching donation! The jewelry sold and donations made helped us reach our goal entirely! We are grateful for the hospitality and help of Maggie and Bill Gunn. Thank you!