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Women’s Month Reflection

“For this light was birthed from this same place where women—daughters—are made of fire.

Daughters, your fire holds the potential to either burn or balm the cracks between your broken heart, to harm or heal the darkened skin across your arms, to inearth or illuminate hopeful visions of your future self, to exhaust or embrace the woman you are becoming.” – Nikole Lim, founder and international director of Freely in Hope


This month has been a month of new voices. In celebration of Women’s Month we completed an Instagram series where we asked our scholars and supporters of Freely in Hope to answer the questions: Why do you stand with survivors?


The responses we received from our supporters were inspiring!


“I stand for survivors of sexual violence because solidarity is necessary for change. Survivors are people we know, people we love, and people we need to listen to in order to end the cycle of sexual violence. I support Freely in Hope because of the empowering space and holistic healing that is provided for survivors in Kenya and Zambia. Freely in Hope is creating its own cycle, but one of compassion, strength, leadership, and liberation.”

“ I stand for survivors of sexual violence because those that have been struck down, could use a helping hand to get back up. We’ve all been struck down in some way or form and when things looked helpless a loved one reached out and made us believe that we can get back up again. I support Freely in Hope because they rock in understanding how to provide pathways of empowerment for young women to get back up and to do the things that they’ve been created to do!”


“We stand with survivors because we believe humans were created to be free and fully alive!”


“I stand for survivors of sexual violence because their stories deserve to be given light and the respect that they are due, because they are deserving of rewriting their identity. I support Freely in Hope because they are giving the megaphone to those who are silenced and allowing the opportunity for thousands to have a space to be heard.”


“I stand with survivors of sexual violence because sitting down is exhausting.”


My heart soars knowing the love and support that fills this world, the fearless hearts of survivors and supporters alike! To see more, visit our Instagram or check out our Facebook album of our featured advocates.


In addition to our Instagram series we also launched our Advocates Society (check out our blog here) and hosted an event in San Francisco in celebration of women and survivors.


Why do YOU stand with survivors? Let us know and comment on our blog, and sign up for Advocates Society!