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Ways Eneza is Defeating Sexual Violence!

Today at New Horizon Secondary School, Eneza Club students came up with approaches on how we can practically implement strategies for sexual violence in our communities. They boys were very engaged and asked great questions about how they can use their role as men to keep their communities safe.

There was one question in particular that was really captivating. A senior named Bony shared of an incident that happened yesterday: A man was caught raping a 7 year old girl in his neighbourhood and he was attacked by the mob whose intention was to kill him. We call these incidences “mob justice.” The police arrived but did not do anything. Instead, they watched the mob unleash their fury on the rapist. Bony asked, “As an Eneza Club member, I want justice for this little girl. What should I do in light of mob justice?”

This was a very hard question, because the mob was imparting justice that the authorities could not give them. As upsetting as this issue is, we as human beings still do not have the right to take another person’s life. We still need to report the incident, even though our justice system has a lot of gaps. Laws that protect survivors exist and reporting demands that these laws are implemented in our communities. We encouraged him by acknowledging the fact that it was good that he noticed the gaps in our justice system. Eneza Clubs exist to equip students to be a part of fixing these gaps in our legislations and judiciary.

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