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Pray for Peace in Kenya

Many of you have reached out to us after the massacre at Garissa University College that happened on April 2. We are grateful for your care and your concern. We are also immensely grateful that all of our scholars are safe. We stand in solidarity with the families and friends of the 147 that have been martyred—they are not just a number, they are one of us.
They were Christians—assembling for morning prayers, like we do.
They were students—striving to better the world through their education, like we are.
Asha*, a Freely in Hope scholar, was a teacher at a local high school in Garissa last year. Religious tension and violent extremist attacks were a daily reality for her. One day at her school, Muslim students organized a strike and began separating the Christian students from Muslim students. They were about to burn the Christian students alive. Fortunately, Asha and the other teachers intervened at the right time and the attackers fled. But this is only one of many incidents where Asha and her friends were at risk. While Asha was living in Garissa, she also taught at a local education center with her friend Alice who was a sophomore at Garissa University College.Alice was one of the 147—she was a close friend to Asha. 
Since the massacre, Al-Shabaab has continued to threaten Christian high schools, colleges, churches and hospitals across Kenya. Many of the targets that Al-Shabaab has threatened are places where our scholars live, worship and go to school. 
Thank you for your prayers, concern and love for our Freely in Hope community.
Continue to pray for peace in Kenya.