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Phase One Complete!

The first phase of Eneza Clubs is now complete! In a few months, we’ll be starting the second phase which will support student groups to facilitate dialogue around ending sexism and promoting equality and respect. Week after week, we have seen the perspective of these young minds shift from tolerating a culture of abuse to advocating to end cultural beliefs that perpetuate sexual violence. We have listened to so many heartbreaking stories of violence from the different communities within Kibera—East Africa’s largest slum. Yet, the students have so much hope that they will be able to change these narratives.

Students have practically applied the lessons learned in Eneza. We’ve had survivors come out and share their stories of pain with us because we created a safe space without judgement. We have laughed at the crazy activities and jokes that were part of the lesson, cried when we needed to, became angry at the realities of injustice, spoke up to voice our opinion, and became silent when our silence would speak louder our words. This is what makes Eneza different than any other club—as we discuss difficult and sensitive topics, we end by sharing the hope that each one of us carries. We can all work together in ending the cycle of sexual violence in our communities—and these students will lead us.

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