Hope Venture

Empowering entrepreneurs helping them attain jobs and a better living.


“The Kibera Slum has more than one million inhabitants squeezed like sardines into one square mile. Kibera is the largest slum in Kenya and one of the largest in Africa. About a fourth of Nairobi’s population lives in this slum without access to clean water, food, electricity or a sewage system. Poverty, AIDS/HIV, crime and rape are rampant.”

— The Global Health Council

The Hope Venture program aims to give young women in Kibera, Kenya, the opportunity to gain skills, education, counseling and a mentor in order to live freely in hope for the future. Through a holistic approach, our one-year program enables girls to not only pursue a solution to financial need, but to also live beyond any trauma they have experienced while helping empower other girls in the community. Hope Venture  launches in Kibera in 2012!

Meet our Entrepreneurs

“Though I live in the Kibera slum, my micro-business gives me hope.”

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Onyano Mily, a participant of Dorcus Beads, is a widow. She is only 36 years old. She takes care of five children and five orphans from other families affected by HIV/AIDS. When her husband died 5 years ago, due to ethnic violence, she ran away from the political tension to find peace in the city. With no where to go, she lived in the Naguru slums where she was able to find a one-roomed muddy house to live in with her 10 children. She joined Dorcus Beads 3 years ago.

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