Arise Scholarship Fund


Uplifting women out of poverty and decreasing the vulnerabilities of sexual abuse


Freely in Hope focuses on giving opportunities for young women to learn in a secure educational environment that allows the achievement of academic goals. As young girls transition out of government sponsored primary schools to self-funded higher education, they are often lost in the stark reality of poverty. This leaves them vulnerable to the pressures of prostitution, early marriages and abusive relationships. Opportunities for high school and college, which can cost between $300-$3,000 annually, are simply beyond grasp. Freely in Hope provides scholarships for promising high school and college students who are survivors of or vulnerable to sexual abuse. Our objective is for Freely in Hope scholars to receive further education and to graduate equipped to positively impact their communities.

Meet our Scholars

“I am a student and a proud mother of Eugene who is 4 years old. I’m currently studying at Kenya Polytechnic University so that I can finish my degree in Counseling Psychology. My hope is to counsel other young women who, like me, have experienced trauma. To other raped women—I encourage you not to abort. That child might be your source of happiness, just as my son is for me.”

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“I am 15 years old and I hope to become a journalist. I am writing a book about issues surrounding girls in Africa to encourage girls that no matter what may happen to them, God is always there for them. I am a survivor of rape, but God has given me more strength than I had. He saved me and I know that he has a greater purpose for me in life.”

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 “After graduating from High School, I hope to pursue a career in law. I want to be a voice for young women who’s stories are not heard.”

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 “My life now has a different meaning—I have a reason to live and I will never stop thanking God for it. I am hopeful that I will study as far as I can because I know that God has a plan for my life.”

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