Freely in Hope provides holistic education for young women living in urban slums or rural villages. We provide holistic educational opportunities for young women who are survivors of or vulnerable to sexual violence through academic scholarships, health care, safe housing, and trauma-informed counseling. Freely in Hope scholars are high school or college students passionate about using their education to transform their communities toward a violence-free world. We equip our scholars to arise from oppression and achieve their academic dreams.

Our Scholars are young women who are affected by sexual violence.

Access to education has the potential to prevent sexual abuse and re-abuse.

Educational opportunities prevent young women from the vulnerabilities that result from poverty. Instead of hustling on the streets, prostituting in brothels, or being forced into early marriages as some cultures prescribe, Freely in Hope Scholars are able to pursue their vocational dreams free of limitation.

“Education is very important for survivors of sexual violence because it helps to bring back their confidence—instilling a hope for a better future. Education helped me to come out of the violent cycle of forced prostitution that I was caught in. It has also helped me to open my heart to better things in life. Now, I have the hope of one day bringing others into freedom. Education helps survivors, like me, recognize their dignity in life.” Maryclare

Our Scholars are both survivors and advocates against sexual violence with the motivation to arise from oppression and achieve their academic dreams.

Liberation is a holistic experience of body, mind and soul.

Survivors require holistic support academically, to regain dignity; psychologically, to receive healing; physically, to ensure safety from rapists; spiritually, to encourage hope through spiritual mentorship and healing arts.

To support the whole person of our Scholars, our holistic model includes academic scholarships, emergency health care, safe housing, transportation, spiritual mentorship, healing arts and trauma-focused counseling. Scholars are safely held in a community of survivors and advocates at our biannual retreats, leadership trainings and celebrations where we provide safe spaces to learn, grow and heal.

“I want to use my position as a nurse to save lives, make health care an essential right, and fight sexual violence worldwide by educating people. I want to end sexual violence to make the world a safe space for all children.” Ursullah

Freely in Hope works together with these partners on the ground:

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$10,000 invests in the holistic support of one Scholar—allowing them to pursue their academic dreams and become dynamic leaders that reform systems of oppression.