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While Women Weep is a documentary film about the strength, perseverance and dignity of women who are inspiring hope in Kenya.


War. Famine. Disease. Poverty– these are words which often correspond with the ongoing crises in Nairobi, Kenya. Women are often at the heart of these issues solely because of their gender. Violence, rape, and abandonment have been used as weapons against women who are barely surviving to raise their families. However, despite such political unrest, social turmoil, skewed sexism and relentless poverty, there are countless enthralling stories of hope. This film follows Genes, Grace and Eunice as they share their stories of adversity and triumph.Their lives are dedicated to others to overcome adversity and live freely in hope.

Living in extreme poverty forced Grace Wangosi into living a promiscuous lifestyle. The cycle of hurt, abandonment, and neglect beat her down. Three abortions later, Grace found a home at Joyland Special School for physically disabled children. After being brought out of sexual exploitation, Grace now encourages physically disabled children by teaching, caring for, and strengthening them at Joyland.
Major Genes Miluni ministers to orphans at the Kabete Children’s Home. Her position as the superintendent for the home allows her to help hundreds of children who have felt heartbroken, experienced abandonment, and suffered loss. Major Genes went through the same struggles when she tragically lost her husband in 2003. Traditionally, widows are looked down upon and lose their identity due to their husbands death. However, Major Genes has become a role model by encouraging, supporting, and caring for widows in Kenya. Major Genes’ role in the community has given hope to many widows because she can identity with their pain.
Eunice Nuna was 18 when she left her small village to be the first in her family to pursue a college education. On her way, she was raped. Because of the stigma of rape in Kenya, she was abandoned by her family—left to fend for herself with the child of the rapist. Despite the issues she’s faced, she still had a strong determination to pursue her education. She is now a student of Counseling Psychology at Kenya Polytechnic University and aims to uplift other women who are survivors of rape.