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Meet the Eneza Club!

At New Horizon Secondary School, our Eneza Club has 65 students who come consistently every week. Today, we talked about the various forms of sexual violence.

This session in particular was super sensitive and so we started by reminding the students of the importance of maintaining confidentiality and listening to others without judgement. We explored different stories and experiences of sexual violence that happens in our communities. At the end of the lesson, a female student approached me and shared that she was a survivor of multiple rape occurrences which happened a couple of years ago. She had not shared about her incident with anyone else and after the session, decided that she did not want to be silent about her case.

I was amazed by her courage. Students like her are the reason why we do what we do through Eneza Clubs. Eneza means #makeitknown, and want to #makeitknown that it’s okay to speak out against abuse so that the abusers can be stopped.

Lydia Matioli, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator
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