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UNITE : Together with Scholars

University tour through the Los Angeles and Washington DC areas featuring our short documentary, While Women Weep.

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Our 2013 Highlights
on December 29, 2013

 We accepted three new girls into our scholarship program in Kenya! Eunice was hired as an addictions counselor with an international organization! Eugene, Eunice’s son, graduated from Kindergarten and is excited to be in First Grade!  Clair was at the top of her mass communications class after her very first semester in college! Mary graduated with her law degree and was accepted into the Kenya School of Law! Martha finished […]


Three years ago, Freely in Hope was just a BIG DREAM.   I knew that God was tugging on my heart to minister to the hurting. After going through my own hurt—walking through pain from my family and the heartache of a broken engagement, God constantly caused my path to cross with hurting women—family rejection, betrayal, emotional and physical abuse. Because of my experiences, I identified with most of these […]

Giving Well : A Holiday Gift Guide
on November 28, 2013

After a garment factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangledesh, I wrote a response on my bad habits and how often my identity gets wrapped up in something other than what I am striving to represent. I realized that I should not let someone else’s poverty validate my own sense of “dignity” for the sake of being in-style. Since then, I made a commitment to do extensive research on the ethics of a […]

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