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Magical Moments at Eneza

A magical moment happened when we were on our way to Elite Secondary School. When arriving at the gate, there was a woman there who asked us, “Are you the Eneza team with Freely in Hope?” We were all surprised as to how she would know about us and so I went ahead and said, “Yes we are,” hoping we were not in trouble.

She came toward us and shook our hands with joy. She said that she is aware of the work that we are doing in the classroom. Her form 3 daughter is in our Eneza Club and shares with her on what is being discussed around the importance of consent and being socially aware of our environment to prevent violence. She congratulated us and encouraged us to keep up our good work in our Eneza Clubs because we are helping parents raise respectful and responsible men and women.

My heart was filled with gratitude knowing that our Eneza Clubs are meeting its purpose of not only impacting the students, but also impacting their parents. Soon enough, with the leadership of the students in Eneza Clubs, we’ll be reaching the community at large.

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