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How can I find the courage to tell my own story of hope?

When survivors realize that they desire healing, many ask me this question: How can I find the courage to tell my own story of hope?

1. Make the decision to tell it.

2. Think of your purpose for telling your story.

3. Attend events where other people tell their stories.

4. Tell it to yourself over and over again until you are confident.

5. When you speak, let it come from your heart.

6. Believe in your story.

7. Understand that no one can tell your story better than you.


Too often, survivors don’t have the courage to believe in their own story. They fear that their story is irrelevant, that it will be judged, or that somebody else could tell it better. I have been a victim of this for a long time until one day, I realized that every time I share, I am adding another stair as I continue to climb toward healing.
Be courageous and own your story—your story is powerful,



Program Designer & Storyteller


April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month. This month, Maryclare, our Program Designer and Storyteller will be sharing stories of how Freely in Hope is working to end sexual assault in Kenya and how you can be a part of ending sexual violence where you are. We hope that we can help provide you with tools to support those affected by sexual violence.