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How can I be an advocate against sexual violence?

When people recognize that rape culture is prevalent, many ask me this question: How can I be an advocate against sexual violence?


1. Support a survivor through the healing process.

2. Maintain the survivor’s confidentiality.

3. Be patient and non-judgmental.

4. Suggest options but allow the survivor to decide what action to take.

5. Do not stay silent when you see someone being violated sexually, physically or emotionally.

6. Speak out against sexist, degrading, or inappropriate comments.

7. Report to the authorities if you witness a situation of assault.


Many survivors are harmed emotionally and psychologically because of the different myths, stigmas, and stereotypes that surround survivors. “Rape culture” is real—the words you say may be unintentional, but careless comments, lack of support, and judgmental attitudes cause great harm. How you respond as an advocate can be critical in shaping the healing process for a survivor.
Be vocal about the fact that you stand with survivors,



Program Designer & Storyteller


April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month. This month, Maryclare, our Program Designer and Storyteller will be sharing stories of how Freely in Hope is working to end sexual assault in Kenya and how you can be a part of ending sexual violence where you are. We hope that we can help provide you with tools to support those affected by sexual violence.