Until there are no victims of sexual violence.

We equip survivors and advocates to lead in ending the cycle of sexual violence.


Fund academic scholarships, health care and counseling for incredibly inspirational young women.


Equip survivors and advocates to lead in ending sexual violence in their communities.


Advocate through the power of storytelling to platform healing, restoration and transformation.

“My dream is to see a day when violence will be but history, when girls will be protected with dignity, when all of our wounds will heal and the pain will be no more.”

MARYCLARE, Bachelors in Mass Communications


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Who loves getting mail?

Our scholars love receiving letters from our supporters across the world! Meet our scholars here:  Send a scholar a handwritten letter to our office: 2560 Ninth Street #316, Berkeley, CA 94710 Or, you can send them an email! We’ll make sure they see it. Become a...

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Dear Friends of Freely in Hope, On Saturday, August 26, 2017, we will be hosting our 7th Anniversary Gala at Dogpatch Studios in San Francisco! In addition to requesting your presence at this event, I humbly ask you, your corporation or your family to consider coming...

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Art + Healing Workshop

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP Art has the ability to speak meaning beyond words—expressing unspoken pain, unseen wounds, the possibility of hope, and audacious dreams. In this workshop, engage in art practices, and processes of reflection that illustrate how the intersection of...

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“The survivor-leaders in Freely in Hope motivate me to achieve my academic dreams. Those who were once scholars are now leaders—I want to be a powerful and inspiring leader like them.”

S.W., Bachelors in Human Resources


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