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We are Healed to Heal

Never would I have imagined that this day would come—I was once in complete darkness and unable to see myself achieve this dream of graduating from college.

I once felt that my dreams were shattered and my hope was lost. But through your gift of education to me, my hope was restored.

As Freely in Hope’s first scholar, I have seen God move in powerful ways. In our community in Kenya, we provide opportunities for education, leadership development, and storytelling to promote healing and transformation with survivors of sexual violence.

Through education, we are slowly able to learn to accept ourselves as we are equipped to move forward and pursue our dreams. For me, the privilege of going to college has changed my perspective. Through education, we become role models and leaders for others who have similarly experienced trauma, violence, and oppression. As a leader in the community, Freely in Hope has provided platforms for me to encourage other girls who are brokenhearted, to fight for justice for the girl child, and to design seminars and conferences at local schools that prevent sexual abuse and promote healing.

I believe that as we all share our stories with each other, we are healed to heal others.

As I celebrate my graduation with you, may our dreams become a reality—our dreams of seeing young women find hope despite the traumatic experiences they’ve endured, our dreams of eliminating stigmas against survivors, and our dreams of achieving equal and ample opportunities for education, peace, and freedom in our world. Through your support in 2016, I can’t wait to see growth in our programs that give more opportunities for survivors of sexual violence to heal and transform together.

Thank you for giving me the courage to dream again,

BA in Counseling Psychology, Class of 2015

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Thanks for being a part of Emma’s graduation!

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