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August 26, 2017

6-9 PM (Doors open at 5:30 PM)
San Francisco, CA


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Our 7th Anniversary Gala will bring together all of our supporters from around the country to celebrate seven years of providing holistic education for survivors of sexual violence in Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa.

This year’s theme will celebrate the Beauty of Transformation through live music, stories of transformation, and art created by Freely in Hope scholars. Our special guest this year is Freely in Hope alumni, Maryclare from Nairobi, Kenya! Maryclare is a fearless advocate and dynamic storyteller. After surviving rape and gang rape in her early teens, she felt like she had no options but to work in prostitution to support her family. In 8th grade, she went to school during the day and worked during the night to pay for her own tuition fees, her ailing mother’s medical expenses, and school fees for her two nieces one orphaned by HIV/AIDS. She worked in prostitution throughout high school and until her first term in university where she was sponsored by Freely in Hope—she was at the top of her class. This became her turning point where she saw that she could do something powerfully more than oppressive expectations.

Maryclare is now a liberated voice for young women who feel like their dreams are shattered by sexual violence. She is a powerful example for her friends still stuck in prostitution.

Last year, she graduated from Daystar University. Armed with a degree in Communications, Maryclare believes in the power of storytelling for the purpose of community transformation. Maryclare desires to see survivors rise up in freedom—allowing their voices of hope and dignity to be heard. As Freely in Hope’s Program Designer and Storyteller, Maryclare creates programs that give platforms for survivors of sexual violence to share their stories with dignity. As a survivor, dynamic speaker, and fearless leader, her passion is to see a world where the stories of sexual violence will be but history. As one of Freely in Hope’s first scholars, she is a pioneer of transformative storytelling. She believes that the more survivors share their transformative stories from trauma to hope, the more they are able to experience a deeper healing that will heal the world.

Dinner and silent auction access will be included in the ticket price. Your support will help us reach our $50,000 goal benefitting our programs centered around holistic education, leadership development, and storytelling platforms for survivors of sexual violence.

Dogpatch Studios

991 Tennessee St
San Francisco, CA 94107

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About Freely In Hope

It all started seven years ago. Through the powerfully transformative stories of survivors of sexual violence, we began to envision a world where survivors were equipped in their education, leadership, and storytelling—platforming their voices full of beauty amidst brokenness. Deep within the slums across Kenya, we learned of the plight of girls and young women forced into prostitution. Since Freely in Hope began, we have met so many girls and young women who desire to pursue their education and dream vocations in freedom. We have worked with women in prostitution across Kenya to end the cycle of sexual violence. This year, we are expanding our programs in Nairobi to provide safe spaces for women in prostitution—equipping them to become role models that restore hope in their work places.

We are amazed at the work that God has been doing as we have seen so many women find hope restored in the midst of brokenness. Their stories of courage, spirits of tenacity, and dreams filled with hope inspire us daily. Their dreams have become ours.

Their dreams of arising from violent oppression, achieving their educational goals, and encouraging others through their rewritten stories have been the inspiration for our programs. We provide holistic education where our university scholars have studied in programs including law, counseling psychology, broadcast journalism, business and education. We’ve also been expanding our Leadership Development programs that equip survivors and advocates to lead. Our Storytelling Platforms support over 1,000 people across Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa by providing a safe space for women to learn about leadership, trauma healing, spiritual formation, legal rights, entrepreneurship, and violence prevention.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to join us in the fight against sexual violence—celebrating and equipping the dreams of the young women of Freely in Hope. May their dreams become yours as well.

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