Exclusive Gathering with Maryclare

You’re invited to an exclusive gathering with Maryclare from Kenya!

Join us on September 9 in Richmond, CA

Maryclare was one Freely in Hope’s first scholars and is now our Program Designer and Storyteller! Maryclare is a fearless advocate and dynamic storyteller. After surviving rape and gang rape in her early teens, she felt like she had no options but to work in prostitution to support her family. In 8th grade, she went to school during the day and worked during the night to pay for her own tuition fees, her ailing mother’s medical expenses, and school fees for her two nieces—one orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Last year, she graduated from a top university in Nairobi through sponsorship with Freely in Hope. There, Maryclare reimagined her life—believing in the power of storytelling for the purpose of community transformation.

Maryclare desires to see survivors rise up in freedom—allowing their voices of hope and dignity to be heard.

Maryclare is now a liberated voice for young women who feel like their dreams are shattered by sexual violence. She is a powerful example for her friends still stuck in prostitution. Through her story, Freely in Hope has increased focus on supporting women in prostitution.

Join Freely in Hope for this gathering for an intimate conversation with Maryclare to learn more about her work, updates from the field, and future dreams for Freely in Hope in Kenya.

This exclusive gathering is open to our donors and supporters who have made a consistent investment in the work of Freely in Hope. We are so grateful for your support through the years and want you all to meet Maryclare and share in her story. You are welcome to bring another guest with you who might be interested in participating in the transformative work of Freely in Hope. Thank you for your RSVP.

Join us:

September 9, 3-5 PM

in Richmond, CA


To keep the space intimate for intentional conversation, space is limited. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

The address will be sent to attendees prior to the gathering.