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Eneza’s Impact!

The students in our Eneza Club just got back from break. My biggest highlight was that despite the long break, the students were still able to remember the different forms of sexual violence that we learned in previous sessions.

One high school junior shared how sexual harassment by teachers is rampant in their school. She shared how one teacher has been making advances at her which makes her uncomfortable. After the session, she had gathered the courage to report the matter to the school administration.

In this same class, another female student shared that had been in denial about the reality of rape. She said, ”I don’t believe rape exists. All I know is that when someone is raped, it is their fault because they put themselves in the situation.” Her comments were met with intense disagreements by other students who shared real life stories of people who had experienced rape due to situations that they could not control.

After allowing the students to discuss their viewpoints, she left the session with a changed mindset.

By Lydia Matioli, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator
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