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Empowering Others Through Storytelling in Eneza

Elite Secondary School is another school that we work with in Kibera. In our Eneza Club today, we discussed the effects of sexual violence. I shared my story with the whole class of how I was raped and the traumatic effect it has had on my life. One girl, who had been so shy during our sessions, shared that she was also a survivor. She boldly stated that she is a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM) and wants to use her story to encourage and empower girls who have undergone “the cut.” Though it can’t be undone, it can be prevented for other innocent girls who are unaware of violent cultural practices that do not respect the voice of the girl child.

She shared that she wants to help the country fight against FGM by helping the leaders to identify the places in the forest where the girls are taken to be cut. She strongly believes that girls should understand their rights and know that they have a voice that should be respected regardless of their age.

She felt empowered and encouraged because she has never shared her story with anyone before. She said she will create awareness about FGM and won’t be stopped until it comes to an end.

MM, Freely in Hope Fellow
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