Give a Single Gift

Your gift will help invest in the education and leadership of survivors so that they can build a violence-free world!

Become a Hope Partner

Hope Partners make a monthly commitment of $25 or more and stand with survivors to end sexual violence.

Join the Advocates Society

Join the Advocates Society by rallying your friends for justice! Start a fundraiser, donate your birthday, and advocate against sexual violence at your church or school.

Freely in Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is funded entirely by the generous support of people, churches and corporations. 100% of donations fund our mission and every donation is 100% tax deductible.

Fund a Program!

$25 // Provide Counseling

$25 per month can provide 1 scholar with 1 counseling session. Freely in Hope uses a 10 step trauma-focused counseling model for all incoming scholars. Further sessions are always available for continued mental health care and healing.

$1,000 Keep the Lights On

$1,000 per month can fund our Community Center in Nairobi—providing a safe and secure space for Freely in Hope Scholars and our community of survivors to learn, grow, and heal together. The Freely in Hope Community Center holds counseling sessions, our survivor-leadership incubators, a computer lab, a resource library and office space.

$50 // Provide Essentials

$50 per month can provides 1 scholar with the essentials including travel to school, purchase books, attend regular counseling sessions, and participate in activities at the Freely in Hope Community Center.

$2,500 Sponsor an Event

$2,500 can fund 1 international retreat for all Freely in Hope scholars in Kenya and Zambia to come together to learn, grow and heal in common pursuit. Scholars are equipped in their academics, leadership and spiritual practices that nurture healing.

$100 // Provide Health Care

$100 can provide healthcare for 1 Scholar to ensure that they are physically healthy to study well in school.

$5,000 Fund a Fellow’s Grant

$5,000 can fund a competitive stipend and grant for an Arise Fellow to design and implement a unique project that ends sexual violence in their community. Under the mentorship of Freely in Hope advisors, Arise Fellows are equipped through university education, leadership training and professional development skills to become powerful advocates in our world. Meet the Arise Fellows!

$250 Train Survivor-Leaders

$250 can fund a quarterly leadership development training for Freely in Hope scholars to equip their skills in trauma healing, violence prevention, peace and justice, women’s rights, art therapy, program design and implementation, storytelling and public speaking.

$10,000 Invest in a Scholar

$10,000 per year can ensure 1 Scholar is holistically supported through tuition fees, health care, counseling, safe housing, biannual retreats, and leadership development. Learn more about the benefits of your investment by meeting our scholars!

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