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Causes and Affects of Sexual Violence

Today at New Horizons Secondary School, we helped the students understand the causes and effects of sexual violence. We discussed the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of sexual violence and how they can help someone who may be exhibiting those signs.

One girl shared a story on what she observed in her community. There are local bars that sell home-brewed alcohol to students under eighteen. From that, she has watched her friends get sick, drop out of school, or get raped at these bars. Many of these home brews are dangerous because its mixed with poisonous compounds including fuel and embalming fluid to speed up the fermentation process—some have died from drinking it.

She wants to be part of changing Kibera by mobilizing people in the area to destroy the local bars that have a reputation for making deadly drinks, selling it to minors, and being a hub for rape. She will also write to the area chief to seek solutions on how to have stronger protective systems in place for women in Kibera.

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