Advocates Society

We stand with survivors of sexual violence.

The Advocates Society is for those who want to make a difference in the world by standing with survivors. Advocates help by doing what they can with what they have, where they are today. They hold fundraisers, launch challenges, and find creative ways to rally their friends – all in an effort to end sexual violence.

Want to be an Advocate?

As an Advocate, help spread the word to your friends and social network–at school, on your sports teams, with your extended family, and as far out as you can reach! You’ll make an impact that ripples outwards. It all starts with you, and we are excited to see what you’ll accomplish!

Get Creative!

What’s your unique way to make an impact? Dream up an amazing project and let’s launch it together! Funds you raise would go towards providing educational and leadership opportunities for survivors of sexual violence.

Partner with a Freely in Hope Scholar.

Is there a specific story from a Freely in Hope survivor that resonates with you? Or is there a Freely in Hope scholar who is studying the same career path as yours with the same vision and dream? Feature her story on your campaign and advocate with her against sexual violence!

Ways To Advocate

Launch a Fundraiser

Donate your birthday, holiday, or host a celebration just because!

Host an Event:

Throw a concert, host a party, invite your friends!

Dream Up a Challenge:

What’s your secret super-power? How could you challenge yourself? Would you dye your hair hot pink for a good cause? Ski down a mountain in a polka-dot bikini?  


Nikole Lim
Berkeley, CA

Janai Marshall
Washington, DC

Romal Tune
Atlanta, GA

Christina Fang
Nairobi, Kenya

Chelsea Banister
Chapel Hill, NC

Anahi Salazar
Minneapolis, MN

Nikole Lim

Atlanta, GA

Chapel Hill, NC

Washington, D.C.

Minneapolis, MN

Nairobi, Kenya


Want to make a difference in the world by standing with survivors?

Join the Advocates Society and let’s do this together!

or invite a friend!

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