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Advocates Society

“I would like all the women who have gone through sexual and gender-based violence to speak out about their experiences as a way healing their wounds, to encourage other women who are going through this same trauma, and to find justice.” -Eunice, Social Worker & Counselor


This month, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we launched Advocates Society! As our very first scholar Eunice fights for the power of speaking out, joining Advocates Society directly allows supporters of Freely in Hope, old or new, to speak out against sexual violence and to stand with survivors in their own personal, unique ways.

The Advocates Society is for those who want to make a difference in the world by standing with survivors. Advocates help by doing what they can with what they have, where they are today.

By joining Advocate Society, you become an advocate for the work of Freely in Hope by giving your support in a way that reflects your individuality.



What does an Advocate look like?

Purposeful: Advocates are passionate about social justice for survivors of sexual violence. Our sense of purpose spurs us into action.

Creative: Our imagination has the power to restore systems of injustice. In creatively thinking of solutions, anything is possible.

Committed: We dedicate our time and resources to support what we believe in. Partner with Freely in Hope scholars, who are dedicated in their mission to educate and empower other girls.



How can I advocate?

  • Donate your birthday! By raising funds on your birthday, your friends will be able to join you in the fight against sexual violence! Pledge your birthday now, and more information will be emailed to you.
  • Host an Event! Throw a concert, organize a lecture series, or host a holiday celebration for Freely in Hope! Look at a recent Advocate-hosted event: Women’s Voice
  • Your Dream Challenge: whether it be a marathon, hike, or any other adventure, support women around the world by creating a fundraiser for an upcoming battle!


Where do the funds I raise go?

  • A simple $10 provides violence prevention training for one student. $25 raises enough for one counseling session. $50 provides essentials for a scholar for an entire month!
  • Imagine what you can do with the funds raised for just one event–you could be impacting so many more people than you think.


Where can I sign up and find out more?

By joining Advocates Society you will gain access to exclusive media, such as art or stories by our scholars not yet published!

Learn more here!

Remember to pledge your birthday today!