Founding Story

1 in 3 women are survivors of sexual or domestic violence worldwide.

Nairobi Women’s Hospital reports that every 30 minutes, a woman is raped in Kenya. 

Yet despite the oppressive stigmas, survivors of sexual violence embody a powerful sense of hope—the hope that transformation, restoration, and liberation is possible. 

After meeting survivors throughout Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa, we saw a common thread—that survivors of sexual violence dreamed of a better future for other young women who are also survivors. They wanted to share their stories to bring healing to others. They wanted to be educated so that they could help other survivors as doctors, psychologists, social workers, and lawyers. They wanted to become advocates against injustice so that no other girl would be forced to endure the same pain that they have. They wanted to be an integral part of global change by creating violence-free communities. By learning from their dreams, Freely in Hope began to take shape—equipping survivors to heal from past trauma, pursue their educational dreams, and make a transformative impact in their global community. Inspired by the audacious dreams of a community of survivors and advocates against sexual violence, Freely in Hope was born.

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